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    Improving Your Tennis Training

    • Set-Up and Posture

    • Footwork

    • Balance

    • Legs for Power

    • Reactions

    • Kinetic Sequence

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Meet Your Instructor

Jason Oei

Head of Tennis Performance

Jason has excelled in numerous sports from a very early age. He played at state level in tennis, cricket, touch football and snooker. Tennis coaching since he was 15 years old, Jason uses his playing background, coaching knowledge and Exercise Physiology degree to head the Tennis Performance Program for Precision Athletica. In addition, Jason is a Certified Tennis Performance Specialist (CTPS) from the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA). His other areas of expertise lie with correcting faulty movement patterns, biomechanical issues, joint instability and muscle imbalances to benefit athletic performance. Jason is very outcome focussed, so when it comes to his athletes, achieving their goals is of paramount importance to him.
Jason Oei Tennis Performance | Precision Athletica

Who We Work With in Tennis

Tennis NSW
Voyager Tennis Academy

What Our Athletes Are Saying

"The difference between becoming elite or staying amateur"

Luke Bourgeois

The modern Tennis game has become so fast, athletic and powerful that I don't believe you can make it without focusing on your physical development. Jason is an outstanding coach when it comes to off-court training for on-court gains.

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